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Testy Plate Cell Patterning

Plate Cell Patterning – anilox roller on the printing plate.

The eternal problem of flexo is poor printability solids (100% coverage tonal), especially in separations aplowo-raster
when there are limited possibilities of switching aniloksa. They arise when the backlight edge (the halo effect) grain filling, problems with text in a counterattack.

To improve the printability of these elements has ArtWork applied in his Ripa possibility of exposure to a wide range of polymer “patterns” corresponding to approximately
the structure of the anilox roller (aniloksu). The structure is selected based on a test board with one separation of the different anilox and save the analysis parameters
“Pattering” associated with the aniloksem.

We achieve even distribution of paint on solid surfaces, reduces the “halo effect” and improves the readability of text in both positive and negatives.
Unfortunately after applying Plate Cell Paterningu on the printing form is limited aniloxu change; it may result in Moira.


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