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The idea of CRS is to provide the customer a full range of service and support since the inception of the project, up to the final printing on a printing press.

CRS engaged in the design and preparation for printing graphics for new and existing packaging cardboard, cardboard, flexible substrates, paper, etc.

Our offer includes cooperation in the preparation of compositions, repro, graphic. We provide comprehensive technological support at every stage of the production of packaging.

Constant consultation and clear communication enable us to meet customer expectations. We want to work with us was an investment that allows you to generate profits.

Working with our customers over the years, we have been able to acquire invaluable experience, while achieving the objectives and satisfying the most demanding expectations.


– Artwork (design changes, inserting text) DTP

At this stage, we adapt graphic design for grids of different packaging, Apply text changes, promotions, occasional elements, EAN codes, etc.

Preliminary preparation for printing, including color conversion from RGB to CMYK,


– Binding (preparation of graphics for a given printing technique, the machine according to the profile color)

Our department deals with professional preparation of graphics for print. The project the agency has to be adapted to industrial play, so CRS creates and adjusts graphics
the different printing techniques (offset, rotogravure, flexography and others). This way of working allows for an almost identical appearance of all types of packaging the same
product (labels, flexible packaging, cartons, etc.).

The files prepared by the CSR is suitable for the final printing process used in the production technology.


– Standardize color

Requirement of the brand owners is the convergence of color packaging, which ensures brand recognition irrespective of the place of sale, type of packaging, printing techniques and structures used. For customers of the proposed actions are printing standardization in printing in all printing techniques and on many types of substrates. Providing technological support, analyzing inconsistencies in the printing and preparation of color templates, which are to support the customer and printing in color standardization.

The objective of the standardization process are:

– the maximum unification of color in all types of printing; flexography, rotogravure, offset,

– maintaining the reproducibility of printing in all printing houses.

The standardization process is honest, reliable and reproducible, then when will carry out a standardization of colour in printing each substrate individually, in printing used by the client.

In order to standardize the colors in the final print, we prepare stencils color for each of the substrates.


– Proofs (simulation dot, with a faithful simulation of special colors, even in combination with process colors)

With the most modern machines achieve high quality of our projects. Advanced modern technology allows for accurate reproduction
the end result through the use of GMG proof simulation dot and the substrate. Such proof shall be subject to prior approval by the customer.

We offer:

-standard proofs
-proofs transparent
-proofs metallized.


– Mock-up (mock-up packaging in the scale of 1: 1, consistent with the color profile of the printing machine such packaging as shrink sleeves, bags, trays, boxes)


– CDC (platform for the exchange of information with customers)

To quickly and effectively communicate with the client, CRS offers access to innovative online system Chespa Design Center, which facilitates cooperation and shortens the duration of the project. For each client is laid individualized, tailored to their needs taking into account the workflow and connecting:

– All the steps of preparing the packaging

– All departments involved in the process

– Cost control work carried out by CRS

– Quality control of printed packaging

– Various types of reports and according to customer requirements


It also limits the number of proofs in circulation and provides all archived projects in one place, facilitating access to their databases.


– Acceptance and technological support during printing in the printing

In close cooperation with CRS end customer it is possible to eliminate the need for acceptance by the customer in the printing, because this obligation may be transferred to the CRS.


– Training (for marketing, purchasing, from the basics of printing, color management)

Training in many areas of printing. The lectures are divided into various stages of production: prepress, press and postpress. They are led by practitioners, specialists and external long-term employees our company.


– Design

We are creating characters and graphic layouts for individual packages, a series of products and packaging. The project in our center, if possible, originally designed is designed for a specific machine and its requirements. As a result, we are able to faithfully reproduce the intended color scheme.

In their own photographic studio also we prepare product images and designs used in the packaging graphics.

We offer original designs and graphic in creating new packaging for both the corrugated and solid board and paper or flexible materials: PET, PP, PE, laminates and othe.

Packaging designs – offered entirely by us or by the customer suggestions – are always prepared, taking into account the specifics of printing on different substrates. developed the pattern is transferred to accept the form as close as possible to the final result: a digital proof simulation dot and substrate.

For us, every order is unique.

Working with advertising agency – Being in touch with the designer have an impact not only on the graphic of the package, but also the costs associated with its preparation.



Headquarters Chespa sp. z o. o.

St Opolska 10 A, 47-316, Chorula

+48 77 55 61 700

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