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Flat Point Technology LUX (FTD – flat top dot) involves cutting off the access of oxygen during UV exposure in order to avoid the phenomenon of oxygen inhibition.

While in the case DigiFlow the cliche during UV irradiation is placed in an inert gas surroundings, the LUX involves lamination of the plate with the special membrane.
We offer two types of membranes: M100 (transparent) and M200 (matt).

M100 cuts off the supply of oxygen and creates smooth surfaces of solids and raster points. M200 cuts off oxygen, but thanks to its structure creates on the relief surface porous structure (on points, lines and solids) that improves the rheology of the ink.

Together with special types of HD raster (for points and solids) used during RIP and engraving plates in resolution 4000dpi with Pixel + optics gives additional possibilities to extend our offer of HD Flexo.

On the microscopic picture you can see a comparison between cliche irradiated with membranes 200 (top) and 100 (below).




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