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Profile of printing machines

“Fingerprint” test

The tests consist of the different elements that allow to determine the color capabilites of the machine, printing quality, gray balance, etc..

Printouts should be performed in a production standards, on a variety of materials, including finishing (coating, lamination).

After analysis, we create the profiles tha allow to achieve the compliance of test printout (proof) with the final printing on the machine.

We use GMG proofer GMG with raster dot simulation. Other elements of the test allow us to specify eg. maximum inking, reducing the width of the bars in the EAN codes, minimum text size, line thickness, etc..

The most important element of the whole process is repeatability – it means that the parameters of the “fingerprint” such as optical densities of inks, color, dot gain or the sequence of colors will be comparable to the parameters of production printing in the future.
If any significant part of the process has changed, the test should be repeated. It is advisable to repeat the test every 6-8 months in order to control the repeatability of the production.


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