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The highest quality offered to customers is the way to implement our growth strategy.

The dynamics of development of the Group CHESPA is a reflection of the development of modern technologies. For over 30 years a small local company has developed into a large group with an international reach, the current through the branches and representative offices in most European countries and the world. Thanks to the quality and reliability Chespa company has won the trust of large multinationals and has been the main supplier of many plants in the world.


The range offered by the company Chespa goods and services includes printing inks, photopolymer plates, flat and rotary dies and the preparation and processing of graphic repro.

A wide range of inks and coatings including water-based and solvent inks, is designed for flexo, gravure and digital printing on a variety of substrates: corrugated and laminated papers, coated and uncoated substrates tissue, envelopes, bags, bags, labels, aluminum foils, all kinds of foils PE, PP, PET, PVC. The entire paint production is supervised by the watchful eye of laboratory research and analysis. Nowadays, raw materials from renewable resources are also more widely used in the production of printing inks, which can successfully replace traditional ink components, including polymer binders, solvents, or various additives. The result of our pro-ecological efforts are biodegradable products as well as inks produced from renewable raw materials.

With a wide range of cutting-edge technology company Chespa performs printing forms according to individual explicit requirements of printing, subject to adequate machine park, screening methods and types of film. We are forerunners in implementing HD Flexo technology, which allows to significantly improve the quality of flexographic printing, matching different techniques in offset and rotogravure. We have a color management system, under which we have three technologies flat point.

We promote system 7C (inks and plates systeme for flexo print), which allows you to get in print multicolored greater color gamut. This is widely used in the production of large series of products with a similar layout in a variety of flavors. Thanks to technology MULTICOLOR print a whole set of paints with an expanded palette of colors, which for printing makes the whole process more economical than the traditional.


The company’s offer Chespa in the production of dies includes a flat dies (maximum size of one plywood 3000x1500mm or larger sizes obtained by combining plywood) and rotary cutting dies (diameters from 174mm to 690mm). Punches stations cleaning can be performed in a conventional system or dynamic StripClip, Tele-Spring, FLY, or with the possibility of combining them. We also offer: Pertinaxy metal and rezoteksowe, milled plates, sections sharing land (in the conventional system or Angle Lock), Partyce Accubraille, stamping, seals chambers raklowych.

Department Chespa Repro Studio (CRS) was created with the aim of expanding the range of services offered by the Group Chespa, and thus to reach a whole new audience – the so-called. brand ownerów, producers of the food industry, who sell their products not only locally, attach importance to the consistency of color packaging, expect help in the management of a large number of formulas, require use of internal information systems. In our work we use, as well as throughout the Group Chespa, latest technology.

Our customers highly value our commitment and appreciate our professionalism. Thanks to the trust our customers, we actively participate in all projects, from the submission of the inquiry, until the printing of packaging, we can help technology and reliable service in all matters related to obtaining high-quality printing.

The result of our work are the numerous achievements and industry awards for preparing graphics and flexographic printing plates in technology High Quality Flexo. These include: gold and silver award in the international competition flexographic EFIA “Print Awards” in the category “Corrugated Post-Print”, as well as gold and silver in the competition FTA “Excellence in flexography Award” and many others.



Headquarters Chespa sp. z o. o.

St Opolska 10 A, 47-316, Chorula

+48 77 55 61 700

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