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Policy on health and safety

Chespa has a policy of occupational health and safety that fulfills all legal provisions and other requirements, to ensure the continuous improvement in the area of health and safety.
At the same time Chespa is committed to permanent and systematic conduct of effective preventive measures that provide an adequate state of health and safety in all workplaces.

As part of the policy pursued by Chespa in the field of occupational health and safety, the company has set itself the following objectives:

  1. Consistent improvement of qualifications in health and safety of all employees, including the implementation of mandatory prevention and training,
  2. Involving all employees in activities on health and safety at work,
  3. Provide adequate medical preventive health care for the workers, including carrying out the required medical check-ups and prevention recommendations resulting from
    this examination,
  4. Making extensive measures aimed at the prevention of potential occupational accidents and hazards and occupational diseases,
  5. Regular monitoring of occupational risk and undertaking effective actions to reduce such risks,
  6. Current control of the working environment and maintain it at a safe level,
  7. Making efforts for continuous improvement of the safety and placing the concern for the safety of workers as the principle.

The company will implement these tasks with the active participation of all employees, providing the necessary resources and qualified staff at all levels of management.



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