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Dispersion coatings

We offer a wide range of offset and flexography coatings with many appliances and characteristics: preventive, protective, decorative.
Dispersion coatings in the final stage improve the visual effect of the printout, protect it from mechanical factors and prevent copying of trademark products, improve the resistance to chemical factors and help create special effects like: anty-slipping, anti-blocking.

Dispersion coatings influence the visual effect:

  • Gloss coatings enhance the shine of a coated surface and of the print placed on it. A good gloss effect depends in many ways on the quality of coated substrate as well as the thickness of the coating layer applied. Very often gloss coatings serve other purposes besides improving the shine, eg. prevent the printout from abrasion.
  • Matt coatings give a matt effect to a shiny surface and to the print placed on it. A good matt effect, like in the case of gloss coatings, depends on the quality of coated substrate as well as the amount of coating used.
  • Pearl coatings give a pearly shine on the printed surface. These coatings posses immense aesthetic qualities that allow to achieve an additional eye-catching effect. Various effects are possible to obtain: velvety shine, glittering shine and sparkling effect.
  • UV-visible coatings – have defined characteristics like: protective, shiny, anti-blocking, anti-slipping. They can be seen under UV light and thus be used as packaging markers or positioning of security symbols.
  • Dispersion coatings influence the mechanical and chemical resistance – protective coatings. They increase the resistance of a printed surface to mechanical and chemical factors. They improve resistance to abrasion, scratches, grease, temperature, alkalis, acids. The level of protection depends mainly on the amount of coating used.


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