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Integration of cutting dies manufacturers.


As of January 2021 Chespa Group and Hesse Stanzwerkzeuge GmbH joined their forces.

Hesse is renowned producer of flatbed die cutting tools and related equipment used by solid and corrugated board packaging producers.

Hesse has been established in 1929, and like Chespa, it is a family company.

Both companies have developed over the years their innovative solutions, some of which are patented.

The cooperation aims at mutually complementing portfolio of offered products, increasing production capabilities and security of our customer services.


The Chespa Group currently has 3 production plants specialized in production of high quality cutting dies

In addition, as part of its offer, Chespa provides its customers with printing inks and photopolymer printing plates


Upon realization of this project, the Group has become a leading producer of dies in Europe.





Headquarters Chespa sp. z o. o.

St Opolska 10 A, 47-316, Chorula

+48 77 55 61 700

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