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Rotary dies

It is a tool used to cut packaging mainly from corrugated board on the rotary machines. We produce cutting dies of the highest quality using a laser CNC.

We offer:

  1. Rotary die – standard Our rotary dies are laser burned with diameter varies from 174mm to 800mm matching every possible rotary machine (e. g. Martin, Bobst, Gopfert, Curioni, Emba, Prymat, HMB etc.). Our modern machine park is a guarantee of highest quality and accuracy of mounted cutting or creasing rules, as well as rubbers glued to the die. Rotary tools can be divided in two sorts: complete dies- cutting out full packaging; partial dies- cutting out only chosen elements of packaging (e.g. perforation etc.)
  2. Rotary die – Premium
    This product is dedicated for project that will be cut out with maximum machine speed, in addition to maximum amount of stripped waste possible. Thanks to modern machine park and the use of PolyMX material together with special coated plywood we are creating a premium quality rotary die.



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