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Sustainable Development Policy


Sustainable development as seen through the eyes of Chespa means the possibility of economic and social development with the rational management of limited natural resources of our planet. The intensity of exploitation of the Earth is immense and often predatory, in many countries nature has already exceeded the regenerative capacity. Population is growing rapidly and the increased wealth of society is reflected in the higher consumption.

As a result, the problem of the availability of natural resources in the coming years will become more and more important. The changes are a challenge, but also a great opportunity for the future. Awareness of these processes will be the key to sustainable development, held without prejudice to the quality of life of people. Companies need to find ways to improve the quality of life without consuming more resources and increase emissions.

Social responsibility of Chespa is realised in the following areas:

Protection of resources and environment

A particularly important area of sustainable development for Chespa is environmental protection. It is carried out in different directions. In connection with the special treatment of this area Chespa developed and implemented Policy on the Environmental Impact.

Child and juvenile labor

Chespa does not allow child and juvenile labor and excludes contacts with entities that do not comply with these rules. At the same time we are trying to create the conditions for young people and new employees to start a career in our company. We encourage our employees to further their education and improve their skills through training and we create the proper working conditions for this purpose.

Health, safety and working conditions

Chespa places special emphasis on safe and friendly work environment. We make every effort to avoid the risks associated with the performed work. Working conditions are constantly monitored and improved. We focus on continuous training of employees on Occupational Health and Safety and how to behave in case of fire. Chespa has a transparent record of hours of work and earnings, designed as clear and transparent system for rewarding employees for their work.

Business Ethics

Chespa in its activities follows high standards of ethics, integrity in business and supports the efforts of all stakeholders in order to develop and implement high ethical standards that apply in all spheres of economic activity. In our work we follow the principles of openness and transparency, not only in relations with our customers and suppliers. Due to the nature of its activities, Chespa places particular emphasis on the protection of all data entrusted to us by our customers, and therefore especially supervised the principle of business ethics is not to transmit any type of data to other customers without the consent of the owner.

Equal opportunities

Chespa act in accordance with the principle of equality and does not discriminate between persons irrespectively of religion, gender, age, nationality or physical disability. Chespa follows the principle of equality of the employees, ensuring that the promotions to higher positions, any increases in salaries and access to training depends only on the merits.

Involvement in the life of local communities

Chespa supports and participates in the activities of local communities, which are designed to actively support the development of economic, social and educational well-being as well as progress in the field of environmental protection and cultural heritage of the region. This support, provided by our company, is a sign of commitment to the development of local communities in which we conduct our activity.

Tomasz Stachelski

January 14, 2014 r.
Review of the document was made on 30 January 2015.


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