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Matrix serves as countercrease. We do it on a specialized CNC milling machine. They are used mainly in the production of solid board packaging but we produce them also for corrugated board. They can be made from rezotex or metal plate designed to direct attachment on the cutting machine. Normally the pertinax plates have the thickness of 0,4-1,2 mm.

  1. Rezotex matrix It`s a plate made from composite material, with milled counter crease channels mirroring the shape of a blank. Rezotex pertinax main advantages are shorter set up times, compared to use of traditional counter creases, and a low price. All that`s required is to place pertinax on  positioning pins and stick it to metal counter plate, now it`s ready for production.
  2. Milled steel counter-plate This plate is made from stainless steel, with milled counter crease channels. Steel plate main advantages are higher resistance to “wear and tear” effect, very short set up time and achieving better cutting speeds. It also does not leave any markings on cardboard, comparing to Rezotex Matrix. We can produce plates of different thickness (1,0mm;1,2mm;1,5mm;), different hardness and different milling parameters.


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