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Cliches photopolymer

Chespa offers comprehensive services in preparation for printing graphics and photopolymer printing plates:

– Photopolymer plates from 1.14 to 6.35 mm for printing on any podłożach- sleeves endless: reports from 290 to 1290 mm

– Plates for painting

– Installation of film transparencies polyester foams or without compensation

– Installation of photopolymer printing plates for large sleevach

– Proofs of simulation dot widths up to 610 mm

– Mockupy or patterns printed finished packages on a variety of substrates

– Testing of machines, their analysis, profiling

– Broadly understood graphical processing for flexography, rotogravure and offset

(Artwork, image processing, adaptation to a given printing technology and particular machine)

Constant cooperation with renowned international companies ensures consistent and high quality of our products. With a wide range of technologies, we adapt the execution of the printing plate to the explicit requirements of the printing.
Depending on the configuration, printing, select the appropriate technology, the type of film and screening methods. The effect of printing with such a film made is clearly better than the traditional CtP. This allows you to get a higher contrast, wider range of shades (see traffic lights) smoother tonal transitions and longer expenditures without washing, and where to permit aniloksy higher screen ruling in the graphic.


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