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Accu Braille

These are the patrixes with Braille code, mounted on to Bobst folder-gluers. The patrix is made of steel with embossed Braille points. In addition to the AccuBraille, we emboss Braille on cutting die. These elements allow to perform various types of Braille embossing on the solid board packagings. The matrix is mounted on die while the patrix on a plate in the Bobst machine with which the cutting die cooperates.

The patrix is made of:

  • chrome steel –  for embossing
  • brass
  • specially hardened polymer plates

The matrix is made of:

  • brass
  • aluminum
  • specially hardened polymer plates

The advantages of the offered solution:

  • high precision of the matrix and patrix
  • high precision of tool mounting
  • high tool life thanks to materials of the highest quality
  • low price


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